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On Drowning

I recently finished Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen by Steve Sims (bonus tip: get the Audible version. Steve reads it himself and it is a treat). It was an eye opening book that made me re-think everything I thought I knew about interacting with people but one quote resonated with me because it put (eloquent) words to a concept that is dear to me. Early in the book, Steve spouts off a quote his dad used to say to him: "No one ever drowned by falling in the water; they drowned by staying there."

When Steve read that in his East End of London accent, I had to stop the playback and rewind. And hear it again. And again. The power of such a simple quote. Falling in the water is not failure. After all you have to get in to learn to swim. It is what we do after falling in the water that defines who we are as individuals. Be defined by your choices, by how you choose to react by the trials life throws at us. Do not get caught in the victim trap of what happens to you. Your attitude can be "oh no I fell in the water" or it can be "well now I'm wet but let's figure out how to get back on the boat". One way will lead to success in both your personal and business life. The other might as well be an anchor around your neck.

Take charge of your situation. Take action today. Are you going to stay in the water?

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