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Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Business

Who doesn't love a good manual process and paper files?


Oh, me that's right. When I started a job at an old-school accounting firm, they proudly displayed their "file room". Notice that's in lower case and not in upper case, mushed together like some fancy new app (FilEroom). It was quite literally a room full of filing cabinets (that were full!). To no one's surprise, the processes they followed were also quite out-of-date. Hours per month were wasted pushing paper from one place to another, in triplicate. While change did not happen overnight, we slowly joined the information revolution and brought some semblance of the digital age to the office. If my story sounds like your small business, read on for some reasons to modernize and contact me for help.

  1. Time Savings (!!!) - still processing paper invoices and printing paper checks that are then filed to paper files? How many hours do you waste opening envelopes, approving bills, mailing checks, filing copies? And what if you want to review a particular invoice from a vendor? Services like and Beanworks have revolutionized the AP process. Many other solutions also exist to get you back your most valuable commodity - time.

  2. Cost Savings - a reduction in time spent also lowers your costs. From payroll to postage to storage to many more, reduce your expense in line items that don't drive value to your business.

  3. Growth - your business can grow without the growing pains if you have a scalable, repeatable process. By leveraging technology, you add fuel to the growth that is not limited by the human factor

  4. Security - while security breaches seem to occur quite regularly, I feel much safer depending on's security than having files that can be stolen, burned, misplaced, etc. The

  5. Convenience - at the end of the automation makes things work without needing your direct input at every step in the process. You also can work from anywhere with no loss in productivity - in office, on the road, from your phone.

Let's take a look at your business today and see how we can set you up for even greater success in the future.

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